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Sonax Pump Vaporiser Sprayboy Sonax

Sonax Pump Vaporiser (Sprayboy)

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SONAX Spray boy. 

Usually lining the shelves in detailing centres is where you'd find this guy, but we'd be stoked if they sat on your garage shelf too. Fill it with 600ml of your favourite product & spray on. 

Featuring high quality plastic made in Belgium - this bottle is designed to last for many detail jobs. We made it black so dirty hands won't affect it! 

Use it to: 

- Mix bulk cleaning concentrate into usable product. 
- Dilute product accurately with the built in scale. 
- Apply spray on sealants, glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners. 
- Apply leather cleaners, interior care products & more.  

Adjustable nozzle for jet & misting. Get the perfect spray every time. Built in measuring scale 50ml to 600ml & measures from 2 to 10%.

What will you use it for? let us know @sonax_australia on your platform of choice, we'd love to see. 

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