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About Us

CARPOWERGRID.COM, powered by Methods Automotive Private Limited is India’s first and exclusive online shopping site for select performance products for all makes of cars and motorcycles. We have over 2400 different stocked part numbers, and this figure is constantly increasing. Fundamentally we offer our customers only one brand in each product category and this brand on offer is the best in the world by all measurable standards.

That said we create a destination, a-one-stop-shop for just the best in the world. Further still, on the rare occasion that a part is not in stock, our Special Orders Team is always on hand to help. Originally established to supply select car parts, our quest for breadth of range has now carried over into all products lines,Air fresheners to Airfilters, Car Care to high performance Motorsport Accessories concept.

Our Buyers and Product Managers are, quite simply, the best in the business. They search the world to deliver the best in range, value and quality for our customers. To maintain a consistent supply of original quality parts we operate our own sourcing and shipping operations. We also enjoy direct supply agreements with the factories producing many of the world’s best brands.

Part of our future plan is to double up our service network and get close to our customers, wherein, genuine parts ordered by you are installed by the right workshops.